Calgary Inbound International Dialing

To make an international telephone call to Calgary, Alberta from any country worldwide, please follow the dialing procedure shown below.

Dial Calgary, Canada

Canada has highly standardized phone numbers, so the dialing steps are the same whether you are dialing a Calgary landline phone or a Calgary mobile phone

To dial a Calgary phone number, you will need:

Your dialing procedure may be affected if you are calling Calgary using a calling card or VoIP phone service. Follow links for more additional information for dialing.

Click here for dialing steps by country.

Procedure to Dial Calgary, AB from Any Country

Follow this basic dialing procedure to place an international long-distance call from any country worldwide to a landline or mobile phone number in Calgary, Alberta.

The procedure outlined below is for direct international dialing from a landline or mobile phone in the home or office.

Additional or different dialing steps may be required when calling Calgary using calling card or VoIP service.

1. Dial international access code / IDD:   ddd 

Dial your country's international access code (aka international direct dial code or IDD) to initiate a phone call to Calgary.

Lookup your international access code here.

Note that some mobile operators do not require dialing an IDD and/or allow use of substitute characters (such as '+') in lieu of dialing an IDD. As well, in many cases you don't dial an IDD when using a calling card or VoIP service.

2. Dial Canada country code: + 1 

Dial country code +1 to reach any location in Canada, including Calgary. Country codes are also known as ISDs or international subscriber dialing codes.

If your Calgary phone number starts with a ' 1 ' - e.g., 1 403 224 1800, don't add a second ' 1 '. Dial just a single ' 1 ' after the international access code.

3. Dial a 10-digit Calgary phone number

All Calgary phone numbers are 10-digits long with two parts:

a. Dial a 3-digit Calgary area code:  aaa 

b. Dial a 7-digit local subscriber number: nnn nnnn

The main Calgary area codes are 403 and 587 - more on Calgary area codes

Lookup a Calgary phone number

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Steps to Dial Calgary from a Specific Country

Follow the links below for country-specific dialing instructions for calling Calgary landline and mobile phones. These pages include originating country access codes and other information.

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Dialing Tips

  • If you are in an office or building with a main switchboard or PBX, make sure you have a live outside line by dialing '9' or similar
  • Some mobile carriers provide shortcuts for making international calls - generally, by changing if or how an IDD is dialed. E.g., In Canada, t-mobile allows you to dial a '+' instead of an IDD when calling international numbers.
  • Most calling cards do not require an IDD - but generally do require dialing of additional access numbers and identifying codes
  • Most VoIP services do not require an IDD - but VoIP dialing procedures vary widely, so check dialing for your service carefully
  • Make sure you don't have an extra '1' in your number (see step #2)

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